Who we are
Grade A is a leading company in the field of trading of ship spare parts, specializing in the supply of Refrigeration and Air conditioning parts for both marine and industrial sector. Our company is widely renowned as a trustworthy and highly dependable supplier for professional ship owners and managers worldwide. Located in Piraeus, one of the busiest ports in southern Europe, we provide our services in an efficient and customer-oriented approach, successfully developing close long term relationships with our clients.
Ship Suppliers
Our procurement team ensures clients’ satisfaction, along with the most competitive prices and the highest level of reliability, 24/7, worldwide. We communicate effectively and knowledgeably in the diverse range of countries/cultures in which we operate. Grade A combines quality and low pricing of the offered parts for original manufacturers’ spares, OEM and quality replacement ones. Among a wide range of vessel’s ship spares, we are specialists in Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, covering all the major manufacturers.
Ship Repairs
Holding many years of unique experience, Grade A takes pride in its operational efficiency. Our people have a deep knowledge of the industry and understanding of the diversified needs of our clients. We collaborate with many Greek & foreign ship owners worldwide, with whom we have cooperation agreements for technical attendances.
Our way of thinking
Our clients
Our clients are the cornerstone of our business and esteemed partners. Our commitment is their added value. We have achieved clients’ trust for many years, but still, our philosophy reflects an ongoing review and improvement.
Reliability & Trust
Grade A offers the highest quality materials in the most competitive prices available in the market. We are committed to establishing long-term business collaborations and persistent in achieving our goals. We are active and always open to new ideas, partnerships and people.
Speed and Flexibility
We strive to offer the fastest response time for optimal spare parts and facilitate prompt deliveries. Our policy and commitment is to ensure a smooth flow of services to meet our client’s requirements, expectations and schedule most effectively and economically. Taking into account the vessel’s position per case, we offer alternative delivery options, so that cost and time of transport are kept to a minimum.
Commitment to Environmental awareness
We always act in accordance with the environmental protection regulations/laws and safety applicable standards. As an environmentally responsible company, we insist on the use of environmentally friendly packaging, whenever possible, without compromising the quality and safety of our products and services that we provide to our clients. Furthermore, we ensure that all refrigeration equipment for temperature controlled storage and transport is specified to use refrigerants that comply with the Montreal Protocol and minimize or eliminate the use of refrigerants with high global warming potential. To that end, we keep abreast of all the latest technologies and applicable codes and standards, always in full compliance with the environmental regulations.
Due to our high reputation & proven expertise, Grade A has grown to become one of the leading marine refrigeration companies in Greece. We are constantly expanding and adjusting our scope of spare parts supply and network of service. We strive to explore new market opportunities with our passionate workforce and expand our global client base via enhancement of our reputation in selected business segments. Thus, we are continuously increasing our spare part range to meet vessel’s specific needs, ensuring flawless operation & safety of all the vessel’s parts that fall within our competence. Pumps and Purifier/Separator spares are just a few of the items we are gradually integrating to our Products’ list of supply. Our expanding activities offer the opportunity for exciting new prospects, the chance to better serve existing clients and collaborate with new ones. Therefore, to keep thriving as a business, we look ahead and prepare for tomorrow’s challenges.