For the vessel to run on its voyage smoothly, operational and compatible pumps are always an important consideration. Grade A supplies marine pump spares covering all major marine applications and vessel operating requirements. We can deliver spare parts from highly regarded manufacturers for Centrifugal pumps, Screw pumps, Gear pumps and others, offering solutions for fleet maintenance programs and emergency repairs. Our company can also offer new complete pumps from certified and guaranteed makers directly. Upon request, we can provide suggestions that are suitable to client’s specific requirements.

We can supply ex Europe & Asia parts for the most models of the following European and Asian pump manufacturers

  • Allweiler, Germany
  • IMO, Sweden
  • Hamworthy, U.K
  • Iron, Denmark
  • Garbarino, Italy
  • JMW, Sweden
  • Azcue, Spain
  • Thune Eureka, Norway
  • Teikoku, Japan
  • Ishii, Japan
  • Naniwa, Japan
  • Taiko Kikai, Japan
  • Heishin, Japan
  • Sasakura, Japan
  • Shinkokinzoku, Japan
  • Bornemann, Germany

and more...