Refrigeration Service Tools

High Quality Refrigeration Service tools are of top importance for the Provision Plant Systems’ refrigerant leakages to be prevented. Accurate & high performance service tools during maintenance & repair are the key factor for efficient & prompt result. Our product range of supplies in this field includes all the ordinary & more specialized service tools that a Technician requires for any kind of need. For instance, Vacuum & Oil Pumps, Oils, Refrigerants, Tube Cutters & Benders, Flaring & Swaging, Gauges & Manifolds, Wrenches, Scales and many more.

In Detail
  • Electronic Leak Detectors are precise instruments, as long as their sensors are replaced at their recommended usage period and the wind is not blowing around a system that is located outdoors. They are used to locate & detect all kinds of refrigerant losses in the system.
  • Modern Clamp Meters are more accurate, with more measurement functions and in case required with additional measurement features. There are many types of clamp meters. Choosing a clamp meter requires looking at specifications, features & functions according to one’s needs / applications. Some key factors are “noise-free” & high level, reliable readings.
  • Tube Benders & Cutters are vital instruments for easy calibration of Piping in the System. In order to achieve the perfect bend, you need a good tooling setup.
  • Swaging tools are used to make a permanent brazed connection such as flaring tools make a flare connection. Swaging the end of a tubing gradually widen the end of the tube. This way, the use of fittings is reduced, as well as the possibility of leaks. It also allows to increase the inside diameter of the tubing for a short length, so that one tube fits inside the other before brazing. Many different types & sizes are available within the market.
  • Temperature can often be an indication of a developing problem and can be used to identify situations. Using non-contact infrared (IR) thermometers from a safe distance, you can get the most accurate readings across a wide range of temperatures. Furthermore, handheld IR thermometers instantly measure surface temperatures in hard-to-reach or hazardous areas.
  • The goal of a vacuum pump is to remove air and moisture, non-condensable gases, and air from refrigerating and air conditioning systems. When it comes to selecting the correct vacuum pump for your application there are a number of issues that need to be considered. The main factors are the vacuum level, the flow rate material of the pump, its power supply, the type of protection required. Once these have been taken into account, having the right equipment should make all the difference.
  • Apart from a reliable pump, during the Evacuation process, Electronic Vacuum Gauges, Hoses, Vacuum Valves & Core Removal Tools can ensure an adequate result. By using an electronic vacuum gauge, even the last evidence of moisture can be visible until drying out.


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Air Dryers

They are highly efficient in use, removing moisture and contaminants from compressed air by chilling the air and condensing the moisture. Treated air helps prevent pipe work corrosion, product spoilage and premature failure of pneumatic equipment.

For efficient operation, various factors should be considered when choosing a refrigerated compressed air dryer:

  • Maximum pressure: The maximum pressure of the dryer must be the same or higher than the compressor’s.
  • Maximum flow: The maximum air flow through the dryer must be higher than what the compressor can deliver. A small air dryer will result in a big pressure-drop. Therefore, you need to set your compressor’s pressure higher to compensate for the pressure drop. This again will result in a higher energy bill. In addition, your dryer might not be able to meet the desired dew point.
  • Inlet temperature: Air dryers have a maximum specified inlet temperature. If this temperature is exceeded, parts of the dryer may be damaged or the dryer may not have enough capacity to reach the desired dew point. Thus, the temperature of the compressed air leaving the compressor must be taken into consideration.
  • Maximum room temperature:The dryer should be able to handle the maximum temperature (in summer) of the compressor room.

Grade A supplies refrigerant air dryers that are designed to perform in the most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly way. They ensure increased productivity and cost reduction. We provide low maintenance dryers that are compatible with most compressor technologies and applications.

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